Conferences on Politics

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   May  2019

 Barcelona, Spain


  18th May 2019 - 19th May 2019

2nd International Forum For Communication Media, Social Science and Education Research CSER-MAY-2019

Charles Institute of European Studies CIES is the prestigious platform to create an ideal networking opportunity for the scholars from various fields of study. The istitute aims to empower and encoura[...]

   June  2019

 London, United Kingdom


  11th Jun 2019 - 12th Jun 2019

Faking it: Populism & Post-Truth

This conference is convened to facilitate critical discussion on the myriad of cultural, economic, environmental, political and social concerns which coalesce around the contemporary notions of populi[...]

   November  2019

 Istanbul, Turkey


  06th Nov 2019 - 08th Nov 2019

5.Istanbul Security Conference

The 5th Istanbul Security Conference 2019, seeks answers the questions in the face of this negative trend such as: “Can new initiatives be launched regarding world architecture of economy and se[...]