Conferences on Memory

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   March  2019

 Gdansk, Poland


  21st Mar 2019 - 22nd Mar 2019

TRAUMA AND NIGHTMARE - 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference

We would like to ask how the discourse on trauma and nightmare helps us to understand our contemporary world. In order to answer this general question, we will have to concentrate on many particular i[...]

   April  2019

 Gdansk, Poland


  11th Apr 2019 - 12th Apr 2019

POSTCOLONIALISM, POSTCOMMUNISM AND POSTMODERNISM - 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference

We want to examine the notions of postcolonialism, postcommunism and postmodernism as thoroughly as possible, from many perspectives and in variable aspects: in politics, society, psychology, culture,[...]

   July  2019

 Lautoka, Fiji


  15th Jul 2019 - 17th Jul 2019

Forced labour and migration

This trans-disciplinary conference will focus on two forms of post-slavery forced labour: Pacific Labour trade Blackbirding, and the Indian Indenture system. The conference will bring together nationa[...]