International Conference on Traditional Medicine and Ethnomedical Research



25 Oct 2019 TO 25 Oct 2019



Magnus Group

Tokyo,  Tokyo,  Japan

Medical ethics#Medicine and Medical Science#Nutrition and Dietetics# invites you to Traditional Medicine Conferences 2019. Ethnomedicine events scheduled during October 2425 2019 at Tokyo Japan. ICTM 2019 aims to vanish the gap of communication that act as a pebble in wide spreading the research and kledge and also encourages the researchers to bring, speak and globalize their research leading to the new pathways to free ourselves from the shackle of unhealthy situations and to shelter ourselves with nature’s healing gts. As, from centuries the magnication of traditional medicine and ethnomedical research has a momentous impact on health care. website : Reegister : https:traditionalmedicineconferences.magnusgroup.orgregister