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24 Aug 2021 TO 24 Aug 2021





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Are you ready to CONNECT WITH YOUR AUDIENCE and FULFILL YOUR BUSINESS GOALS? Do you want to create deeper relationships with your customers to build brand loyalty? You can in EXCEL WITH BUSINESS BLOGGING. This course offers an effective way to IMPROVE YOUR BLOGGING ACTIVITIES via a STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS You’ll FIND OUT WHY BLOGGING IS THE BEST MARKETING TOOL for your business, LEARN HOW TO PRODUCE COMPELLING CONTENT for your blog and DEVELOP THE SKILLS TO WRITE FOR AN ONLINE AUDIENCE. The Excel with Business Blogging course PROVIDES you with: AN OVERVIEW OF BUSINESS BLOGGING: Learn how blogging gives your brand a personality CRITICAL WRITING TECHNIQUES: Find out how to get creative with your content BLOGGING GUIDE: This guide acts as textbook for the course. It provides you with additional information and emphasizes important concepts CASES STUDIES: Discover effective methods from top business blogs A CONTENT PLAN: Create a plan that addresses timing, quality, topics, legal risks and policies. AN EDITORIAL CALENDAR DEMO: We don’t just tell you about it, we arm you with the tools to set up your editorial content today TEMPLATES: You’ll receive templates for your editorial road map calendar, blogging policy, blogging privacy policy and blogging comment policy IT’S EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BUSINESS BLOGGING AND THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO GET STARTED. DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY...START TODAY. Who is the target audience? Business owners Business executives Business professionals Basic knowledge PC, Mac desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone Paper and Pen for Brainstorming, Diagrams and Notes Daily Planner or a Printed Calendar to jot down posts What you will learn Reinforce your brands message Reach your target demographic Increase your online traffic Generate more leads Potentially boost revenue Increase online traffic to your business website Boost customer loyalty Develop customer advocates Build brand awareness online Enhance thought leadership Contribute to online conversations Gmail: simplivllc@gmail.com Phone no: 5108496155 Click to Continue Reading: https:www.simpliv.comsearch Registration Link: https:www.simpliv.comentrepreneurshipexcel-with-business-blogging Simpliv Youtube Course & Tutorial : https:www.youtube.comchannelUCZZevQcSlAK689KbsrMvEog? Facebook Page: https:www.facebook.comsimplivllc Linkedin: https:www.linkedin.comcompanysimpliv Twitter: https:twitter.comsimplivllc