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03 Aug 2020 TO 03 Aug 2020




Albama,  CA,  American Samoa

Teaching and Learning#

Make your ideas come true by knowing how people can help. You are reading this because you either have an idea for a short film or full-length animation project for yourself, or… Because you are just curious and wanted to know what was all that hype of “Direct and Produce Animation”. Well, give me a couple of seconds to see if I can get you more curious. Everyone has ideas. Right? Well, thats the good part. The bad part is that most of those ideas live only inside the mind of the holder. Never making it to born into reality. More: https:www.simpliv.com3dandanimationdirect-and-produce-animation Gmail: Phone no: 5108496155 Click to Continue Reading: https:www.simpliv.comsearch Registration Link: https:www.simpliv.com3dandanimationdirect-and-produce-animation Simpliv Youtube Course & Tutorial : Facebook Page: https:www.facebook.comsimplivllc Linkedin: https:www.linkedin.comcompanysimpliv Twitter: https:twitter.comsimplivllc