Urban Transit and Sustainable Networks UTSN - 3rd Edition



17 Jul 2019 TO 17 Jul 2019




Ierek reserach and knowledage enrichment

egypt,  egypt,  Egypt


Transportation and Networking Systems are one of the main components of a city, which is why IEREK is proud to present the 3rd edition of the up-and-coming conference under the title of Urban Transit and Sustainable Networks UTSN as the first 2 editions, under the same title were an absolute success! The conference’s main aim is to target new strategies that can be implemented by modern means of transportation without it negatively affecting and harming the urban environment or the environment, in general. There are many ways that the modern world is already thinking of implementing and have already started implementing in order to better the effect of the means of transportation on the environment such as that of smart cars and other eco-friendly means of transportation that do not require too much energy and may even not require non-renewable sources of energy in order to start the transportation process. Thanks to a conference under this target of aim, you will benefit widely on a large spectrum whether you are still a student, a researcher or even a professor.