9th International Conference on Recent Advances in Space Technologies



14 Jun 2019 TO 14 Jun 2019


Emrah Koksalmiss


Hezârfen Aeronautics and Space Technologies Institute

Istanbul,  Istanbul,  Turkey

Artificial Intelligence#Astronomy#Computer software and applications#Data Mining#Engineering#Environment#Interdisciplinary studies#Military#Multidisciplinary Studies#Renewable Energy#Space Environment and Aviation Technology#Sustainable development#

As in previous RAST Conferences, RAST 2019 is intended to be a forum for the exchange of recent research results and ideas in space technologies and applications. It should be of interest to a wide range of participants from government agencies, relevant international institutions, universities, research organizations, space companies, as well as media and the general public. The conference should serve as an opportunity for networking and fruitful exchange with fellow participants on topics of mutual interest.