NotForProfit Leadership and Sustainability



27 Oct 2016 TO 27 Oct 2016

Criterion Conferencess


Criterion Conferences

Melbourne Marriott Hotel, Corner Exhibition and Lo,  VIC 3000,  Australia

Local Government#

Advancing organisational outcomes in a time of disruption and accelerated change. The Australian Charities and NotForProfits Commission estimates that there are over 600,000 NFPs across the country. Whilst the nature of each organisation and the services they provide is diverse, there is commonality in the issues facing the sector as a whole. Significant policy changes and funding cuts have meant that NFPs are having to partner with other organisations, compete with forprofit companies in service delivery, locate new income streams and make difficult decisions with finite resources. This conference will address some of the toughest challenges currently facing the leaders of this sector, and offer practical strategies and new ways of thinking to assure the sustainability of Australias NFPs into the future, whilst achieving the integral balance between commerciality and compassion.